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With Place6 you simply select six place getters over six races. Get it right and you'll win your share of the prize pool.
There are over 700* possible winning combinations for Place6.
You can win more than once on the same ticket if you take more than one runner in at least one leg.
From 8 December Place6 is available on the last six races of every New Zealand meeting plus selected overseas feature meetings.
You can take a Place6 anywhere you can place a bet. This includes on, TAB Mobile, Phonebet, Touch Tone, on-course or at your local TAB.
* Provided each leg of the Place6 has three Place dividends.
How to take a Place6
Simply select the meeting and bet type. Choose the runner(s) per leg. Then choose the amount (either as a Percentage bet or a full unit).

Note: Place6 will be on the last six races of a meeting.

Tips: If online, after you've selected the meeting from the schedule, click on the 'PL6' icon (it will be beside the first leg of the Place6). If taking one in store, use the '%Pick6 or %Place6' bet slip.
How much will it cost?
One runner per leg gives you one combination and costs $1**. For more chances to win choose more than one runner per leg - see examples in the table below. Percentage betting is available on Place6 allowing you to cover several runners without it costing a lot. The minimum percentage bet is $5.
Amount Selection Example Combinations Place6 Min Div
$2 1 runner five legs,
2 runners one leg
2 100%
$4 1 runner four legs,
2 runners two legs
4 100%
$5 1 runner three legs,
2 runners three legs
8 62%
$10 2 runners per leg

64 15%
$20 2 runners five legs,
3 runners one leg
96 20%
** The minimum for any bet through Phonebet is $5 and for Touch Tone is $2
Betting tactics
There are lots of different strategies for collecting on a Place6. Taking more runners will certainly increase the number of chances you have. Other approaches include:

  • Back the favourites
  • Throw in some outsiders to potentially win more because you may share the prize pool with less people
  • Let the computer do the selecting for you with Easybets and Jokers
More information
  • Easybets are available and Jokers may be used
  • There is one dividend for Place6. If you have several winning combinations you can win this several times
  • Calculating winnings. The dividend is the amount in the dividend pool divided by the number of winning combinations (units). Your collect amount is the dividend multiplied by how many winning combinations you have multiplied by the % amount bet
  • If your runner is scratched, it is replaced with the favourite ***
  • Should Place6 not be won by anyone or only partially won, jackpotting money will be used in bonus pools in the same way as it is for Quaddie
  • Percentage betting is available
  • The full unit bet is $1
  • For races with eight or more starters, there are three Places. For races with five to seven starters there are two Places. If less than five starters, there will be no Place pool. In this case, all runners in that race will be deemed winners for Place6

For more information about Place6 see the betting rules.
* Provided each leg of the Place6 has three Place dividends
** The minimum for any bet through Phonebet is $5 and for Touch Tone is $2
*** For more details see betting rules regarding substitutes